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EV / Hybrid Service and Repairs

Our technicians have been training towards the IMI standards for Level 2 and Level 3 qualification in Service and Maintenance of Electric vehicles. Specifically, we work with pure electric and hybrid engines. We have special EV ready tools to work safely and use all recommended PPE to ensure Soul Garages staff and vehicle safety.

Understanding Warning Lights

Much as range anxiety is a cited decision factor for ‘new to electric’ owners, so too is the concern of technology and what things can go wrong. At Soul Garages we completely understand this concern and take every opportunity to both show and explain to you the warning lights or characteristics you should come to expect with your ev vehicle.

The engine management lights, vary vehicle to vehicle, but typically displayed on an ev or hybrid vehicle they can look like these:

Illustration of EV Warning Lights

EV/Hybrid Warning Lights Basics

As a general rule:

  • Green is good and expected / normal.
  • Amber is warning – call us on 01234 712592 to have it checked soon.

  • Red, stop the car when safe to do so, and call us on 01234 712592.

EV/Hybrid Warning Lights in Detail

EV/Hybrid Warning Lights Illustrated
  1. Auto Glide Control
    Indicates the AGC feature is active. AGC works to slow down the forces of deceleration whilst continuing to improve fuel economy.
  2. Battery Charge Level Warning
    Indicates that the charge left in the battery of a hybrid or electric vehicle is low, there is action here for the drive to charge the battery as soon as possible. For hybrid vehicles, it also means the engine may have to take over until the battery is charged.
  3. Battery Temperature Warning
    In the way a petrol/diesel vehicle will light up when temperature is too high. So, an ev // hybrid vehicle will show you when the battery temperature is too high. It is important that you stop driving as soon as it is safe to do so and allow the battery to cool.
  4. Eco Mode
    Illuminated to show you that economy drive is in operation. This optimises the battery usage and helps improve the range you can drive. You will notice a change in acceleration and certainly the overall performance is reduced to varying effect.
  5. EV mode indicator
    More applicable to hybrid drivers, this symbol shows you that, as above, your vehicle is operating electric-only mode. This is more for information and the driver cannot affect this computer-controlled selection.
  6. Electric Issue
    This indicates there is a problem with the electrical system. Regrettably you cannot see from the symbol alone what the fault is, but generally if it is Amber then it is a warning, if it is Red you should contact us straight away.
  7. General Issue
    Another general symbol, that manufacturers use to cover a range of warnings with one warning light. It could mean issues with the traction system, sensors, or the charging system to name a few.
  8. Low Battery
    This one is similar to the Battery Charge Level Warning but applies specifically to fully-electric vehicles.
  9. Pedestrian Warning
    Since hybrids (in electric mode) and EVs are much more quiet in normal operation, the pedestrian warning system helps prevent accidents by alerting the driver of imminent danger of a collision. In most vehicles, if no action is taken by the driver, activate.
  10. Limited Power
    This symbol is both informative and alarming. A good rule of thumb for warning lights is that if a warning light is amber or red it could be caused by various faults that are causing the vehicle’s performance to be less responsive than normal. This could mean major issues for your EV, call us and we’ll make the right choice to support you and prevent a more costly repair.
  11. Ready to Drive
    This purely says all is good with you ev/hybrid and you can drive safely.
  12. Regenerative Braking System
    This symbol is an indicator that the regenerative braking system is active and performing as expected.
  13. Regenerative Brake Warning
    This will only illuminate if there is a problem with the Regen Brakes and can also trigger a brake warning light. Call us immediately of this symbol is showing.
  14. External Sound System Issue
    You will have noticed just how quiet your ev/hybrid runs, even at low speed it is noticeably quieter than other cars on the road. This represents a danger to pedestrians and other road users. Designed to alert pedestrians who are nearby that you are in their vicinity, and if it fails it could be catastrophic. Call us to have this rectified if illuminated.

Rest assured, we care for your vehicle and for you. 

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