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Modern vehicles are more advanced than ever, and in terms of driver and pedestrian safety that is a great news.

Vehicles are full of clever sensors, all over the vehicle, that monitor the vehicle’s performance and talk to and from the vehicle’s Engine Control Unit or ECU thousands of times per second.

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Diagnosing the Problem

Sometimes the communication the ECU receives may be a false alarm, and then sometimes you will receive a warning of something significant requiring immediate attention.

The problem is you may not always know which is which.

So, we will always recommend a diagnostic check is performed by us, using the very latest diagnostic equipment and completed by a professional, and qualified technician.

Our technicians job is to use the Diagnostic equipment and diagnose fault codes.

Car Diagnostic

Our Diagnostic Test Equipment

Using our latest Engine Diagnostic test equipment to help identify the system warnings and check engine lights to identify issues, sometime even before they manifest into a characteristic or driving fault. Soul Garages technicians can then tell you of their findings, and of course their recommendations for rectification.

As already explained, it may as a simple as a check, road test and reset, indeed more than 75% of Souls Diagnostic work, is exactly this outcome. However, if a higher degree of technical work is required, we will advise you accordingly, never proceeding with any work without you prior permission.

Vehicle Warning Lights

Assured quality of work

Our diagnostic work is to the same standard as franchise dealers, and you will always have the peace of mind that Soul Garages really do care about your car and you.

Some codes do reappear, especially when fault codes can reach over 100, so in this event, we would always start with the basics and progress through the diagnostic procedure, whilst keeping you informed throughout.

Rest assured, we care for your vehicle and for you. 

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