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We hold the authority granted by the Department of Transport to perform MOT testing on class 4 vehicles.

MOT tester

Our MOT testers

All of the Soul Garages MOT testers, who personally hold the license and authority to test, must complete their Annual Assessment training and achieve a pass over 80% to remain testing on your vehicle. We fully support ongoing training as part of the Continuous Improvement Programme adopted throughout our workshop for Testers and Technicians alike.

MOT Test

About the MOT

We use the very latest rolling road equipment which provides a digital record of brake balance and efficiency, essential in every day driving to make sure your vehicle stops when you press the brake pedal, the hand brake holds when you engage it and the steering stay straight when you apply the brakes in an emergency. Plus the newest exhaust gas analyser is in use here at Soul Garages. This gas analyser is used on all MOT tests for all Petrol, Diesel and some hybrid cars. We are constantly reviewing our processes with quality control checks performed regularly to help us maintain the highest of standards expected by the DVSA.

For your information; an electric car will still have an MOT, all suspension, steering, braking and interior component parts are subject to the same thorough check as dictated by DVSA. Cleary with no exhaust pipe there is no emissions check to perform.

MOT Inspection Checklist

MOT Inspection

There is a set of very thorough and robust checks on your vehicle as part of the MOT. There are guidelines in place from the DVSA and the include the use of a Inspection sheet or inspection check list, this is what the check list looks like (see adjacent illustration).

Now, you do not receive a copy of this check list, it is a document only used by the Tester and kept with the garage documents required for potential audit by DVSA.

Our Pre-MOT Checklist

Before you present your vehicle for the 3+ year MOT, and every year thereafter, there are a few checks you should complete yourself, these are routine checks and can be performed by any driver on a regular basis, but essentially before driving to us.

A recent survey by DVSA identified that 14% of Class 4 MOT’s (cars/LCV) failed their MOT due to lights/bulbs not working, something that you can at least check relatively easily yourself.

We would recommend that you complete the Pre-MOT Checklist here for guidance.

  • Lights and warning lamps.
  • Screen wash fluid topped up.
  • Sufficient fuel for the test.
  • Engine coolant/antifreeze.
  • Tyres; at least 1.6mm across the centre band of the tyre.
  • Front and Rear numberplates secured, no damage and fully laminated.
  • Wiper blades/Screenwasher system all working and not smearing.
  • Exhaust, check for noises or loose fitment.
  • Seatbelts, all working with no damage to the belts themselves.
  • Horn, does it work as expected?

Rest assured, we care for your vehicle and for you. 

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