Servicing for all makes and models

Providing a wide range of high quality car services

We provide a range of services to our customers including, servicing to manufacturer standards, repair and replacement of brakes, a whole range of tyres to suit all budgets. Our inhouse service schedules allow us to tailor the service to your vehicle based on normal usage.

We follow all manufacturer recommended service guidelines, ensuring we study and use all requirements to maintain optimum running performance of your vehicle.

Petrol Car Servicing

Petrol Vehicles

Petrol vehicles will have correct oil used and the following parts, which may include:

  • Oil filter
  • Air filter
  • Pollen filter
  • Fuel filter
  • Petrol fuel treatment

Car Diagnostic

Diesel Vehicles

Diesel vehicles will have correct oil used and the following parts, which may include:

  • Oil filter
  • Air filter
  • Pollen filter
  • Fuel filter
  • Diesel fuel treatment

EV/Hybrid Vehicles

Ev / Hybrid vehicles will typically have service items as required plus a pollen filter and diagnostic check completed. With a detailed report provided to you on battery state of health and all high voltage component parts reported. 

  • Service items as per scheduled requirements

  • Pollen filter

  • Diagnostic Check

Wheel Balancing Workshop

Brakes & Suspension

When we service your brakes or suspension you can be assured of our quality of workmanship and technical knowledge. We have a quality control programme in place to ensure all work is thoroughly checked after repair to ensure a right first time approach on all service work, minimising a return to workshop visit or inconvenience to yourself. 

  • Assured quality workmanship

  • Quality control programme

  • “Right first time” approach on all service work

Soul Garages Service Schedule





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Check all headlights & Rear lights

Check instrument panel operation

Check dash and heater operation


Check battery condition and connections (where accessible)

Check horn operation

Test and advise on Alternator charge




Check door/bonnet locks, latches and lubricate locks, hinges, catches


Check windscreen wiper, washer operation

Top up screen washer fluid

Replace pollen filter



Check air conditioning system / check temperature



Drain and replace engine oil

Replace oil filter

Replace air filter



Replace fuel filter (if fitted and external to fuel tank)



Check / advise general oil leaks

Check / advise coolant level and antifreeze strength

Top up antifreeze if required


Check coolant hoses for leaks and condition, incl header tank

Check auxiliary drive belts, condition, and tension, exc Timing belt


Change spark plugs, (additional cost may apply)



Check fuel system for leaks



Check timing belt replacement interval and advise


Check brake operation

Check brake fluid level and boiling point

Top up brake fluid if required

Visual check of front brake pads, discs, calipers

Visual check of rear brake pads, discs, calipers (exc drum brakes)

Visual check of brake pipes and hoses

Check operation of handbrake, incl linkages


Check and inspect rear brakes incl drums where fitted



Check tyre condition and tread depth (incl spare)

Check and adjust tyre pressures (Incl spare)

Remove all road wheels and check condition and hub


Check wheel nut torque to manufacturer’s specification



Check condition of road springs

Check power steering fluid reservoir

Check steering and suspension components for wear and corrosion

Check condition of steering rack gaitors


Check and advise on shock absorbers and mounts


Check and advise on wheel bearings for noise or play


Check condition of drive shaft gaitors


Check clutch operation (manual only)

Check operation of automatic gearbox (where fitted)


Check for transmission oil leaks

Check condition of clutch cable (where visible)


Check and advise on exhaust system and mounts


Scan engine management system for diagnostics


Reset service light where manufacturer systems permit

Stamp service book

Road test


Manufacturer servicing / tailored options available for your specific vehicle, contact us for details.

*additional charges apply on premium brand vehicles, particularly relating to change of spark plugs and recommended grade of oil.

All prices include Parts, Labour, VAT, up to 2 litre engines.

Collection and Delivery within 10-mile radius.


We can assess your vehicle and report on faults relating to:

  • Fuel injection
  • Engine management
  • Exhaust emission
  • Air bag
  • ABS
  • Air conditioning
  • Air induction
  • CAN line
  • Hesitiation in acceleration
  • Live data
  • Data logging
  • Fuel Injection problems
  • Engine management faults
  • Exhaust emmission fault
  • Airbag problems
  • ABS faults
  • Air conditioning electrical faults
  • Air induction systems
  • CAN (line) identification faults
  • Flat spot, hesitation and misfire
  • Diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s)
  • Live data/Actuations
  • Data logging
  • All systems and functions covered!

Vehicle Health Check

We can assess your vehicle and report on faults relating to:

  • Windscreen and Wipers
  • Screen washer level check/top up
  • Front Lights & Indicators & # Plate
  • Rear screen and wiper
  • Rear Lights & Indicators & # Plate
  • Tyre – Near Side Front (NSF)
  • Tyre – Near Side Rear (NSR)
  • Tyre – Offside Rear (OSR)
  • Tyre – Offside Front (OSF)
  • Spare Tyre / Tyre sealant exp date
  • TPMS check
  • Front Brakes – (O/S)
  • Front Brakes – (N/S)
  • Rear Brakes – (O/S)
  • Rear Brakes – (N/S)
  • Front Suspension – visual check only
  • Rear Suspension – visual check only
  • Battery 12v – Voltage test
  • Brake Fluid reservoir – Test/top up
  • Antifreeze – Test / Top up
  • Radiator / Header tank
  • Hose(s) condition
  • Dashboard warning lights
  • Engine oil level – Check/top up
  • Alternator and Belt checked
  • AC / Heating check – Demist

Rest assured, we care for your vehicle and for you.

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