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Supplying a wide range of Tyres to suit all budgets

Tyres are a vital safety item for any road vehicle, they are your contact between the car and the road. It is important that tyres are in good condition and inflated correctly.


Why Tyre Maintenance is Essential

Worn or incorrectly inflated tyres can have a number of effects on the performance & safety of a vehicle including the following:

  • Increase in stopping distances.
  • Increase in fuel consumption.
  • Poor grip / handling
  • Less comfortable ride
  • Increased wear on other components

The current penalty for driving with a tyre below the minimum tread depth of 1.6mm is 3 penalty points and up to £2500 per tyre.

Soul Garages are Tyre Specialists

We are able to supply a wide range of tyres from budget cost effective brands through to high performance tyres.

We also have the latest TPMS diagnostic and programming equipment allowing us to take care of all aspects of your vehicles tyre needs.

We source tyres from multiple suppliers and fit tyres ourselves on site here in Olney to maintain competitive prices.

Rest assured, we care for your vehicle and for you.

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