We must abide by local laws and regulations and prove to Buckinghamshire council that the collection, movement, and disposal of spent oils and fluids occurs.

Casually disposing of these oils and fluids is unlawful, and we would not want to be part of anything that brings harm to Olney and surrounding areas. The Health & Safety Executive even have a regulation regarding the storage, control, exposure and disposal of car engine oil and fluids.

We only buy our fluids from reputable suppliers, with full traceability in place for your peace of mind and reassurance on quality.

We only use approved agencies to remove oil and fluids from our premises and we are subject to audit at anytime as a professional operator in the industry.

The COSSHH regulations we follow are – COSHH essentials for service and retail SR19 (hse.gov.uk)

There is a fee we pay to comply with legislation and of course avoid harm to our planet, and we pass a percentage of this fee onto our Customers each time the vehicle is serviced or repaired.